5.14.19 CrossFit


5.14.19 CrossFit

CrossFit Rigor – CrossFit

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Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

“Death by Draw”

23 Min AMRAP

Athlete draws 3-4 movements out of the basket

Athlete draws the same amount of number cards out of the number basket.

Athlete matches up the numbers with each movement as they wish.

No Exchanges aloud!


Movements I randomly picked: Burpees, Pull Ups, and hang cleans.

Numbers I randomly picked:

50, 21, 35

I could choose

50 Hang Cleans (athlete chooses weight for barbell movements)

21 pulls ups

35 Burpees

You can put any number with any rep and you can put it any order you would like.

I would rotate through this as many times as I could in the 23 minutes.

Put your workout in the notes.

Score is rounds and reps of your workout.

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