What Makes CrossFit Rigor Different?

At its core, you will find a tight-knit support network of members that are highly dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle. The backbone of the program is Olympic style lifting mixed with traditional CrossFit workouts.

These workouts combine gymnastics, weightlifting and metabolic conditioning in varying degrees and durations to create unparalleled results.

From the basic (but all-important) air squat all the way to the very technical muscle up and Olympic lifts, we utilize them all and make it workable for anyone at any level of fitness.

We build strength, endurance, agility, technical ability, and general awareness of body and mind by training movements that support functional ability and translate to real life. And of course, there are the aesthetic benefits, too.

After just a few weeks of regular CrossFit attendance you will experience benefits like:

  • Increased build strength, endurance, & agility
  • Knowledge of technical ability & how to safely execute exercises
  • Awareness of body & mind through functional training movements
  • Daily stress relief
  • Improved focus & concentration
  • Noticeable weight loss & muscle tone

Beginner CrossFit Classes Enrolling In November

At CrossFit Rigor in Blaine we provide a training atmosphere our members can thrive in! When you walk in our facility you are greeted by a community of like-minded, fitness-focused individuals who are dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle. Our CrossFit training provides members with quality instruction from professional trainers. Each session is challenging, intense, and fun!

Constantly Varied

High Intensity

Functional Movement

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